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Clearing Haunted Places

Do you suspect there may be negative energy left over in your home from previous owners or tenants?

* Do you wonder if your home or land may be haunted?

* Do you think unpleasant events long ago might have left a psychic imprint?

* Since moving to your home are you and your animals constantly ill? ** (If you or your animals are ill be sure to consult your doctor and veterinarian first, to rule out physical causes before contacting me. Do not assume that health problems are caused by spiritual forces until all physical causes have been ruled out).

* Are you having difficulty selling your home for no obvious reason?

* Have you noticed that you and others are suddenly acting out of character in your home? Are you or others exhibiting unexplained periods of sadness, angry outbursts or having frequent arguments?

I work with Archangels and other positive spiritual beings to clear ghosts, entities and other discordant energies affecting people, properties, and animals. 

I am able to clear people, animals and properties in any location. I do not need to be physically present to do this work. I can connect from where I am to where you are. Please contact me for details.

Just as people and animals are emotionally and physically affected by traumatic events, energies of buildings and land are also affected by events in and around them, and continue to radiate those energies until cleared. Those who live in and visit such places can be seriously affected by unseen energies. 

Human emotional energy can cling to objects and locations, and be picked up by anyone on an unconscious level.

My work is done by donation only. Clients are encouraged to donate only after the work is done and only if they notice positive changes in their pets, home or themselves.

A suggestion is that the donation is based on what you believe the service is worth.

**I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time without explanation. No exceptions.

**Contact me via email: to discuss your situation.

I offer a FREE Consultation by Zoom or phone.

Please email me. ​Once I have received your email we will set up an appointment. Thank you. 

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