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Don’t Be Lured by False Promises and Exaggerated Readings



There are many so called psychics who attract customers with Free or cheap readings. These fake psychics will proceed to tell their clients that they or their family members are cursed and that the psychic can remove the curses for a fee. This is an OLD SCAM. The fee often starts off at a few hundred dollars but will escalate to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

The fake psychic will tell their clients that the curse is "Very Bad" and that they need more money for magical supplies to break the curse. I have heard of people being scammed for $100,000 dollars. Please be careful when choosing a psychic reader!

Walk Away!

The moment you’re told you or someone you love is cursed or under a spell, walk away. These criminals not only prey on those in need who are truly trying to seek spiritual guidance, they also give legitimate psychics a very bad reputation! Sure, negative energy exists, and it has an impact on your life, but that’s because you have allowed it to linger through anger, fear and misery.

With the help of a legitimate psychic, you can cleanse your energy by shifting it from negative to positive, living in the moment, letting go of the past and relinquishing fear.


Trust Your Instincts

The next time you choose a psychic advisor, consider my warning signs and trust your instincts. Is your psychic on the right path, or are they just using scare tactics like curses and spells to get more money out of you? You know the difference now.

Be aware of fraudulent and unethical psychics. 

Common warning signs include:

1. Outrageous claims regarding readings (for example, a psychic reading that will make someone attracted to you).

2. Readers guaranteeing they can make a lost love return to you, bring you a new love, give winning lottery numbers or perform spells to attract money.

3. Predictions by a psychic or tarot reader that ignore your free will and ability to make choices.

4. Lack of clarity regarding the actual psychic/tarot reading fee. For example many Internet psychic companies tell their employees that they must keep callers on the line for as long as possible resulting in a nasty surprise for the customer when their telephone or credit card bill comes in.

5. Attempting to make you dependent upon the reader or readings and/or give the reader power to control you through manipulation and fear. (For example saying that you, your family or your money is "cursed" and the reader can remove the curses, for an exorbitant fee of course; or by telling you that you need "a monthly maintenance program" to keep the evil spirits and curses away, for an equally ridiculous price).

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